Philips Hue Tap switch.

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Recall your favourite Philips Hue scenes 

You can preset your 4 favorite Philips Hue light settings in Philips Hue Tap switch. Select a scene you have created yourself, one of the scenes that Philips has created for you, or program a button to switch all lights off. It's all up to you.

-Technical Specifications

  • Configurable buttons: 4
  • Frequency band: 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
  • Lifetime: 50 000 clicks
  • Max Tap switches per bridge: 25 if no other switches linked
  • Range: 15-30m
  • Mounting options: freestanding, wall
  • Special features: Works without batteries
  • Switch diameter: 75  mm
  • Switch height: 25  mm
  • Weight of switch: 90  g
  • Zigbee Light link: protocol IEEE 802.15.4

*Note: This product requires a connection to the Philips Hue bridge


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